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Sacrifices For Our Spiritual Renewal

"The letter was sent with a prayer that he said must be read at masses on Sunday."Another big reason for this is after the formation of the Prime Minister Modi&Packaging Non-Woven suppliers39;s government, church-oriented NGOs, received less money due to stricter laws..However, denying any political motive in the prayer, the Archbishop’s office said, “The Archbishop's letter is not political, neither it is against the government or against the honourable Prime Minister. This had hit them very hard.— Prof Rakesh Sinha (@RakeshSinha01) May 21, 2018BJP’s spokesperson Shaina NC told news agency ANI, "It is wrong to try and instigate castes and communities.

Moreover, I earnestly request that we organize an hour of Eucharistic adoration every Friday at a convenient time in all our parishes, religious houses and institution specifically praying for our nation. cash flow under FCRA is reduced from RS 17773 crores in 2015-16 to 6795 crores in16-17.""I request that we observe a day of fast every Friday of the week by forgoing at least one meal and offering our penance and all our sacrifices for our spiritual renewal and that of our nation.Missionaries by meddling in politics giving bad name to Indian Christians. "Conversion Enterprise' is facing threat under nationalist government. We can only ask them to think with progressive mindset.

New Delhi: The Archbishop of Delhi, Anil Couto, in a letter addressed to all churches of the national capital, has asked them to start a campaign of fasting and prayers ahead of the 2019 general elections, citing the "turbulent political atmosphere" threatening democracy and secularism in country thereby kicking starting a political controversy. It’s just an invitation for prayers, and such letters have been written in the past too,” said Robinson, secretary to Archbishop of Delhi. The Church organisations used to take this money for a variety of cause but in reality, utilise this only for religious conversions.

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